The Rho Board

RAM: 1 GB DDR3-1666


SoC: Mstar MSO9280PBM

CPU: 1.4 GHz Quad Core CortexTM A7

GPU: Hex Core MaliTM 450 (4 fragment+2 vertex shaders)

Video Decoder: MPEG-1/2, 4k@60p AVC and 4k@30p HEVC

Video Encoder: 720p AVC


Storage: 4 GB eMMC NAND flash@ 200 Mhz



2x USB 2.0

12V Power

Analog A/V Output

10/100 Mbhit Ethernet

4k HDMI 4.0

Optical SPDIF

TV tuner connector

DVB-T2/C TV tuner (optional)

Raspberry Pi 2 IO Connector

SDIO Expansion Connector

Infrared Reciever

Reset Button

RS232 Minijack

Micro SD Card Slot + 4 GB card included

Micro USB (OTG Capable)